How Does Fauxquet Work?

After you have decided if you will be hiring or purchasing your flowers the fun begins! 

If you are hiring, choose from our online gallery of bouquets. These bouquets can be personalised by changing the ribbon colour or adding crystals and other decorative items.   For all hires a security deposit is applicable.

If you prefer to purchase your bouquets we will arrange a complimentary consultation to talk about your choices and provide sample flowers.  Once you have decided on your flowers, colours and style we will confirm all the details in writing.   

Approximately 3-5 days prior to your wedding date the flowers you have ordered will be delivered with a complimentary throw away bouquet.  They will arrive boxed and ready to be used, all you need to do is take them out and have an amazing wedding day. 

At the end of your reception party we recommend you arrange for a family member or friend to collect the bouquets and take them home.  If you have hired your bouquets, place them back in the boxes and leave them ready for collection from your chosen location.  If you hired your flowers and after your wedding day you decide that you would like to purchase your bouquet you can.  

The security deposit will be returned within 3-5 days on the bouquets being collected and checked for damage – extra spending money on your honeymoon, yay!   

Whilst we hope it never happens, should the bouquets be found to have been damaged beyond fair wear we will be in contact with you to advise how much of the security deposit will be forfeited.  If the bouquets are not returned the full security deposit will be surrendered.

Benefits of Faux Flowers.

In recent times, faux flowers have improved dramatically in quality and appearance.  Even up close they can be difficult to tell apart from fresh flowers and have so many more benefits, including:

  • The flowers will not wilt, bruise or break on your wedding day.
  • You can choose out of season flowers and the colours are consistent and vibrant.
  • The flowers look fantastic in photographs, even at the end of your wedding day. 
  • Avoid runny noses and red eyes if you or any of your bridal party suffer from hay fever or are allergic to strongly perfumed flowers.
  • The flowers are delivered early, which reduces the craziness of activity on your wedding day.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your flowers are exactly how you want them.
  • Faux flowers also offer many environmental benefits over fresh flowers, and at Fauxquet we recycle and reuse where possible.

About Us.

Jade has over 20 years' experience in floristry, and is passionate about creating a beautiful, personal and sustainable experience for brides

Born from a love of flowers and creativity, Fauxquet has been my dream for many years which I hope to see grow.  Ever since I attended school career evenings I’ve always been drawn towards floristry.  The way that you can mix flowers to create bursts of colours, texture and shape has always been a delight to me.  However, after being a wedding florist for many years and dealing with the frustrations of working with fresh flowers being supplied damaged or inconsistent in colour and size to what I needed, I decided to work with artificial flowers instead.  This allows me to create bouquets that are beautiful and unique, mixing flowers normally not suitable for wedding bouquets or unavailable due to season availability.  Now I can continue to strive to do the best and design bouquets that bring happiness and a smile.  The joy of delivering a bride’s bouquet and watching her excitement when seeing them for the first time is an amazing experience that I’d love to share with you.