Terms & Conditions for Hiring

1. Definitions "Flowers" means the items hired out by the Owner to the Hirer. "Hirer “means any person who requests the Owner to hire Flowers to it.  "Owner" means Fauxquet (ABN 73 037 798 775) and its employees.  "Terms" means terms and conditions.     

2. Terms of Payment The Hirer agrees to pay the Owner's hire charge and any other charges, including charges for loss, damage and repairs or any tax, GST or other expenses.  If not otherwise specified by the Owner in writing all hiring charges including taxes and duties are to be paid two weeks prior to delivery of the Flowers.  Subsequent charges for loss, damage, repairs or other expenses are to be paid within seven (7) days of the relevant invoices.                         

3. Security Deposit The Hirer agrees to pay the Security Deposit, an amount nominated by the Owner, at the time of paying for the hire of the Flowers.  The Security Deposit will be returned to the Hirer after the collection of the Flowers in a clean, dry and property packed condition.  Should the Flowers be returned damaged, broken or lost the Hirer will forfeit the Security Deposit in full and be invoiced the full purchase price of the Flowers.  

4. Hire The Owner agrees to hire the Flowers to the Hirer on these Terms and the terms of the booking.  If there is any inconsistency, these terms prevail.                                                                 

5. Cancellation The Hirer may cancel the order of the Flowers two (2) weeks prior the hire date at no expense - any moneys paid will be refunded in full.  Any cancellations that occurs within the two (2) before the hire date then the Hirer will forfeit 50% of the of the full amount paid.                                                                                                           

6. The Hirer's Obligations The Hirer will:              

(a) hire the Flowers at its own risk, and bear responsibility for the Flowers from the time of delivery into the possession of the Hirer until collection by or return to the Owner;                                                                                                    

(b) use the Flowers in a proper, safe and prudent manner and only, for the purposes and capacity for which it was designed;          

(c) ensure the Flowers are returned or ready for collection by the Owner in a clean, dry and properly packed condition and, if being collected is readily accessible.          

7. Loss of or Damage to Equipment if the Flowers are lost, broken or damaged, the Hirer must notify the Owner of the details.  Notification shall not absolve the Hirer from its obligations under these Terms.  In the event that Flowers are broken, damaged or become unsafe to use, the Hirer shall immediately stop using the Flowers and take all steps necessary to prevent the Flowers from sustaining any further damage.